Kids Acting/Modeling

Acting and Modeling for childrenSafety takes the upper hand as children are likely to be in a more vulnerable position when dealing with the wrong agency. If you are a concerned parent with a good looking kid, then this article is for you.

Detect a Scam

Scammers are present everywhere but the reason why they are prevalent in the modeling agency is because they able to tap on your vanity and greed and make you prey to false desires. Simply know what the basic few characteristics that separate a false agency from a legitimate one and you off to a great start.

Key pointers:

1. Located in suspiciously unpopulated area and asking you to come there for your first interview.

2. Guarantee you a job on the first day

3. Call you for an appointment at odd timings or odd place at night especially.

4. Do not require a portfolio or contract

5. Have no online presence or very poor maintenance of their web image.

6. Not many people have heard or encountered of the agency.

7. Request for sexually explicit poses or nudity

8. Ask kids to come without parents.

These are all more important especially because of the various degrees of crimes associated with such Scams. Be constantly vigilant.

Choose an Agency that suits your Kid

Play around and experiment various modeling styles with your Kid. Does your kid like to pose for photographs or catwalk like Victoria’s Secret models, or are they interested in acting? There are many different types of modeling jobs ranging from Editorial shoots to Advertisements, Television commercials and High Fashion such as Runway modeling. Yes, high fashion can be for kids too.

When in doubt, go for the top model agencies that provide a platter of various different styles. Model agencies, with their professional talents managers, will be able to identify the style that suits your kid’s looks and style and procures the most suitable jobs accordingly.

The right fit

Not all kids are suited for modeling or will be selected by a kid model agency. Call it whatever you want, but modeling is work, real and hard work. It requires patience, stable emotions and the ability to coordinate and work with photographers. It’s easy to ask this from adults, but exponentially more difficult to ask from kids. They will also be careful not to overwork the kid and not let modeling interfere with the kid’s studies.

As a Parent, you might have to take the time to weigh the pros and cons for your child. But if you do see future potential for your child in modeling then there is no better time to start than now.

The right model agency will hence be very careful when dealing with kid model. Determine what your kid wants and what style will suit him or her best, then find the modeling agency that caters to or specializes in that style.

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